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  Thursday, Jun 10, 2004 Report News | Archive | Top  
Event Update! (Price Drop & Tournaments)
- Posted 6:47 PM By WaRMaN
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We are happy to announce, due to some price breaks to us, that we will be lowering the price of admission to $15 for pre-pay online registration or $20 at the door. This price drop will be reflected in our information area later tonight. Don't worry if you registered already, because we will refund you the difference!

Also, we are announcing the tournaments based on your voting. First will be Unreal Tournament 2004 4 vs 4 using the game mode Double Domination. Please ensure your UT2K4 client is updated to the current version (3204). Second is Battlefield Vietnam 5 vs 5. Please ensure your BFV client is updated to the current version (1.02). Don't forget to go to Lan Registration later tonight to check your status and also to register for one or both of the tournaments.

We will also be bringing in the consoles (PS2, XBOX and GameCube). We will provide two TVs and a big screen projector. Feel free to bring any console items you like.

Please ask questions by e-mailing myself or post a thread in our forums. We are all excited to frag with you in our new location. See you all there!

4 Comments Posted

#1 by Reflex on Thursday, Jun 10 at 11:56 PM 
Double Dom!?!? That gametype is the WORST! I know it's good to be varied, but I 
seriously hate Double Dom, I don't know any clans that play it, and it's too easy 
to cheese it.  but if you insist.....

#2 by Reflex on Sunday, Jun 13 at 1:12 AM Ok, if we are going to play double dom, can I atleast be informed of the maps so that my team can practice? Thanks.
#3 by Kagato on Monday, Jun 14 at 10:15 AM Dunno if you'll need the practice - I doubt anyone else will spend that much time getting ready =P. Then again, since a Pay to Play tournie, maybe some folks will beef up on their skillz.
#4 by WaRMaN on Monday, Jun 14 at 10:11 PM Changed the game mode and player size. See new post :)

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