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  Wednesday, Jan 29, 2003 Report News | Archive | Top  
MwGL LAN Event Updates
- Posted 11:01 AM By Squirre1
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Well the time is drawing near for the next event... We have added some done some updates to the registration that you may want to be aware of...
  • A new Disclaimer, that must be printed and signed, is available in the LAN Registration Area. If you are under the age of 18, it must also be signed by a guardian as well. We will have copies available at the event for individuals 18 and over to sign. You will not be allowed into the event unless we have your signed release.

  • The ability to pre-pay will be disabled at noon on the Wednesday just prior to the event. This will allow us the necessary time to obtain the funds from PayPal for use at the event. Remember, if you do not pre-pay for the event, the cost is $25.

  • Event Registration will close at 6pm on the Friday before the event. This will allow us to better prepare for our attendees to make the event as good as possible.

  • *NOTE* We also would like to clarify that the QuakeIII Tournament is not a MwGL sanctioned tournament, it will be ran by Porky and we will only be assisting with providing the servers and allowing people to select the Q3 Tourney option in registration.

  • A network configuration document will be provided at the event for your ease of setup. This will include local patch server information, internet settings, and how to configure your network configuration.
  • We want to try to make this is easy as possible on our attendees. If you have any further questions, please send a email to WebMaster@mwgl.org or post a question in the Forums.

    Thank You,
    The MwGL Staff
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