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  Friday, Mar 21, 2003 Report News | Archive | Top  
PC Games On DVD
- Posted 2:15 PM By Kagato
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The folks over at HomeLan Fed have posted a new article on a topic I've often wondered about, that being the question on why we don't see more games released on the DVD format. Snip:
Richard "Levelord" Gray of Ritual Entertainment told HomeLAN, "We have not transitioned yet because the tech, although DVD players are in many machines, it is still relatively new. We will see this switch in the next year or so, but for now it is not common enough." Bo Andersson of GRIN told us, "The call on formats is very much up to the publisher as with all things outside the software itself. Developers always crave for higher specs and more space but as a publisher you have to go with the broad market and render the most units. This I think is the foremost reason to date." And Vic DeLeon of Digitalo told us. "I think it's obvious that many people may be frightened of experimenting with the DVD format when the cost of CD's is still cheaper, and more importantly when *most* PC's out there are not equipped with DVD drives. Of course, I may be completely wrong, but that's my perception of the situation." Dan Jevons of Conspiracy Entertainment said, "Quite simply, our research shows that there are still a large number of PC gamers who don't have DVD drives yet. Obviously it is more convenient to release a title on a single DVD rather than multiple CDs (both for the publisher and the user), but we clearly don't want to exclude those users who haven't made the jump to DVD yet. The obvious solution is to release a title on both CD and DVD formats, though this is actually more complicated than it sounds."
Sure would be nice if they at least made it an option, I'd much prefer one disc versus having to swap out 3 or 4 just to get a game installed.
Source: HomeLan Fed
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