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  Saturday, Feb 1, 2003 Report News | Archive | Top  
UT2K3 v2186 Patch Released
- Posted 4:21 PM By Anthos
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Sorry I didn't get this up yesterday. Once again, thanks to ThEChRoNiC for the heads up!

FilePlanet's patch page

FileShack's patch page

eXceed-News' patch page

Beyond Unreal's patch page (Additional Mirrors here)

ClanBase's patch page

If anyone else has other mirrors, feel free to post them in the comments section. Click on the "Read More" link for patch changes.
Full Story:
Before you install the patch, note that your user.ini and ut2003.ini files will be overwritten, if you're updating from the original retail version. This patch includes all the changes made in the previous patches, so there's no need to download any old patches before installing the new one.

now support left handed weapons
fixed hidden weapons appearing occasionally on respawn
spectators don't show up on DM scoreboard at end of match
FPH doesn't change after match ends
shock combos now work after going through static meshes, and at all angles.
Fixed when entering a painzone you take double the damage/second in the first second and the correct amount thereafter.
added exec function SwitchToLastWeapon (bound to E by default)
fixed megaspeed DMMutator game option.
improved bombing run AI (better AI reset between scores)
fix for CTF flag can't be picked up
fixed showing flag icon on scoreboard even if holder not relevant
fixed throwing out minigun screwing up assault rifle
added server option bBrightSkins to [UnrealGame.DMMutator] (and in the game rules menu). Setting it to true makes player skins brighter.
fixed rocketlauncher can lock onto invasion monsters (bonuspack)
change weapon sound pitch when berserk
added bPreloadAllSkins config option to UT2003.ini, in the [UnrealGame.UnrealMPGameInfo] section. Its false by default. If true, all skins and character models referenced in .upl files are preloaded. Only set this option to true if you have a lot of system RAM (512 MB or more). This option reduces the hitch experienced when new players join a multiplayer game during gameplay.
only allow restartgame() to be called once.
added a GetWeaponStats exec function, which writes weapon info to the log for tracking down weapon problems
Fixed VoiceMenu Acknowledgements to use the abbreviated versions if available
other clients hear rockets being loaded
fixed local stats for instagib
fixed domination hud for spectators
added the exec command "specviewgoal" that will attempt to show the current goal (be it the flag/ball/dom point or the guy holding it).
made flak shell more visible
dropflag works in net games
Mod support:

GameRules.NetDamage() always called in team games, and GameRules.ScoreKill() not called twice
momentum is passed as an out (by reference) parameter in GameInfo.ReduceDamage() and GameRules.NetDamage()
moved teammate momentum reduction to TeamGame.ReduceDamage()
added ClientReceiveCombo() to xPlayer, to allow replication of mutator combos.
Mod authors can now add keys to the config menu. See XInterface.GUIUserKeyBinding for info "how to".
added support for pushing skins and meshes down from the server, with the PlayerRecordClass
Use PlayerRecordClass to push down player skins and meshes from the server. For example, if the Reaper clan was running a server, and had their own clan skin in ReaperSkin.utx, here's what they'd need to do:

Create a new ReaperMod.u file, with the class Reaper in it. The package name must be the class name with "mod" appended. Reaper is a subclass of PlayerRecordClass, with all the default properties set appropriately to setup up the character. Clan members will need to have a .upl file with the same character definition.

The server will need to have both ReaperSkin and ReaperMod in its serverpackages.


improved cheat protection
spectating improvements
single pass through actor list for first pass relevancy determination for all connections. Improves server CPU utilization by 20% to 30% for servers with large numbers of players
hide passwords in URL
added bAdminCanPause configurable property to GameInfo. It's true by default. To change it to false, add bAdminCanPause=false to the [Engine.GameInfo] section of your UT2003.ini file.
fixed precision problems with ping calculation
fixed adminsay bringing up MOTD on clients
fixed bots not properly losing player enemies when players log out of net games.
Fixed LAN broadcast bug which caused problems in the LAN tab when multiple UT2003 servers were run on the same machine
TcpLink/UdpLink eventReceivedBinary fix.
Fixed Bug in CheckIPPolicy
fixed port swapping bug.
maxspectators can be passed on command line
Fix for Admin's Managed Groups
Fixed Admin names showing multiple times when in multiple groups
Added several game options to Web Admin
Fixed Web Admin SetPlayInfo so that it won't be called twice on DMMutator
Fixed MutatorFillPlayInfo so that it chains. Do not override MutatorFillPlayInfo, just override FillPlayInfo
Fixed MD5 package protection so that it would stop resetting all RevisionLevels to 0 on loadup
Fixed Web Admin Friendly Fire defaults
Fixed Kick Command in AdminINI
Changed the seperator character for the in-game admin menu from | to ESC
Made Extended Console stop complaining when a MusicManagerClass wasn't defined.
Fixed UTServerAdmin so it would pass PreQuery and PostQuery calls to mods
fixed banning someone in internet games bans all spectators
Demo Recording:

Fixed occasional (!Closing) crash on playback
fixed shock beam on client-side demos
When recording demos on a client, listen server or single player, the demo file only records demo frames at the frame rate specified in NetServerMaxTickRate in the [Engine.DemoRecDriver] section of UT2003.ini. This does not effect the frame rate, only the rate at which frames are written to the demo recording file. This solves the problem of slow demo playback of client-side demos on machines which are not as fast as the recording machine.
fixed bug where ?timedemo was accidentaly including the precaching time

LowSoundQuality option is saved properly.
maps listed alphabetically
Added Map name to loading screen
fixed bug where menu mouse resolution was dependent on direction
added "MouseX/YMultiplier" to scale raw mouse input in [WinDrv.WindowsClient] in your UT2003.ini
added support for up to 8 mouse buttons
Fixed some Accessed None spam in the UI
fixed 'half op" status for IRC client
display channel topic for IRC client
For custom game types, have seperate 'Custom' tab with combo box in the server browser.

fixed bug which caused game to reverted to D3DDrv after patching
added code to disable specular if neither ATI_texture_env_combine3 nor NV_texture_env_combine4 are exposed (Linux DRI drivers)
worked around fog related driver bug in older ATI drivers
added code to switch back to desktop resolution at exit (Win98)

fixed bug related to OverrideDesktopRefreshRate option
added workaround for HW bug on certain older NVIDIA cards
changed code to handle D3DERR_DEVICELOST on initial device creation

updated DefOpenAL32.DLL with latest version from Creative

fixed big memory leak caused by garbage collection problem with certain levels (occurred on level change)
fixed occasional crash which occurred during garbage collection on level changes, or when joining a server
fixed sporadic karma physics crash
performance improvement: frame rate based culldistance for player shadows
Benchmarked botmatches require ?attractcam=true to be appended on the command line after ?quickstart=true to work like before.

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