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  Tuesday, Aug 19, 2003 Report News | Archive | Top  
What's the Freakin Deal?????
- Posted 11:08 AM By Krogue
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I am just trying to figure out what has happened to the entire gaming population of Kansas City. For Pete's sake, I am planning on driving all the way from Iowa City, IA to play with everybody, but so far there is hardly anybody to play with.

I can't believe everybody found a better way to spend a frag-filled Saturday and Sunday for only $15.00. I mean, come on, that is less than $.52 per hour of gaming. At the LAN gaming facilities, they charge like $3.00 - $5.00 per hour, so even if you come for like 5 hours and leave, you still get your regular money's worth.

I know school is starting up, but that is even more reason to play. So, GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER AND REGISTER NOW. It would really suck if I can't justify taking the time off of work, for the trip down to play, because only 20-30 people sign up. So, give me a reason to make the trip, and sign up right away.
18 Comments Posted

#1 by KaiserRoll on Tuesday, Aug 19 at 12:55 PM 
I'll be there... thats all that matters anyways right?
#2 by Krogue on Tuesday, Aug 19 at 2:26 PM It is great that you are gonna be there Josh, but don't you have any friends that can come with you? I just can't believe that nobody else has signed up. I really did do the math, and it really is only $.50 or so an hour. How can people pass that up? It just doesn't make sense.
#3 by KaiserRoll on Tuesday, Aug 19 at 3:00 PM I'm bringing people, sort of. I know, more people need to come. I've been to every event since the last one you all did at the school of economics, and its almost always been pretty good except when my computer sucked way back when. People are afraid of the diversifying games concept I guess. The analogy of "coming out of the cave" is applicable here.
#4 by PanchoVilla on Wednesday, Aug 20 at 4:15 PM Where is everyone??? What da hell you talking bout. Everyone is over here at the Kcg server and site.:)
#5 by Krogue on Thursday, Aug 21 at 9:24 AM That's fine with me, but that still doesn't answer why people aren't signing up for the 9/6/03 event. I don't see that KCG has anything planned for that weekend. Who cares who is hosting or sponsoring an event? Many of our guys used to go to the old KCG (back before it became KCGExtreme) events and still go to some of the KCBD events. All it should mean to gamers is that there is a place to play all weekend for less than $20.00. So, call up everybody you know, whether they belong to a different LAN gaming group or not, and get their asses to sign up. I really, really want to come down and play, but I can't justify (to myself, to my wife, or to my boss) a trip to KC to play when the gamers who live in KC can't even take the time to sign up and come LAN. P.S. - and for C*&%$t's sake PanchoVila, you are here browsing through our site and obviously aware of the event ... why the hell aren't you signed up yet?
#6 by PanchoVilla on Saturday, Aug 23 at 1:03 AM I'll post something to see if anyone wants to come out. If any peeps are willing to go then it will be for BF1942 moslty. Last lite event I went to peolpe didn't sign up till last minute, so I sure they will do the same this time.
#7 by atr.nolimit on Monday, Aug 25 at 8:49 AM i can't speak for any non cs players.. but the same weekend of mwgl lite event is the 31st Century CS Tournament in olathe... tsg`thetoy is running it and theres already like 15 teams signed up :/ i think it'd be great if mwgl could run a strictly, large CS event... sometime in the next month or two.
#8 by Krogue on Monday, Aug 25 at 9:25 AM Well, I don't know if we would run a strictly CS tournament. The honest truth is that very few (if any) of our members play or enjoy playing CS. And, to run a straight CS tournament for a whole weekend, just isn't something that any of us would enjoy. We might be willing to help sponsor a tournament weekend, if someone wanted to run it. We could offer the registration and seating assignment on our site, and advertise the event for you. So, if you have a clan or know of a clan that would like to do something like that, but don't have the web presence or the manpower to run the registration process, email me (krogue@mwgl.org) or drop Squirre1 (squirre1@mwgl.org) an email giving us some details and a way to contact you to see about setting something up. I think the thing that frustrates me about this next event is that when we have held CS tournaments, there have still been 40-50 people who have not been involved in playing CS at our events. Where the hell are these people? I live in Iowa City, IA ... 5 hours away ... and I want to come down for it badly, but it would be a huge waste of time to come down if only 20 people are there. Hell, I can get 20 people together 3 times a week, here in Iowa City, to play. The reason we have always held these events, was so the MwGL and all the gamers of the Kansas City area, would have a cheap, fun place to get together with 100 other like-minded souls and just play. I mean, I was the biggest proponent of these L.I.T.E. events. At L.I.T.E. events, we get to play with everyone else ... That is what Squirre1 and Rikus and I started the MwGL for. So, if you have friends that aren't playing CS, send them our way.
#9 by Prezario on Monday, Aug 25 at 11:09 AM I'm going to make it this time, and I'm trying to get a buddy of mine to join me (hey, is there a finder's fee involved? ). Shoot, Krogue, if I'd known you were in Iowa City I would have waved at you when I went through there yesterday afternoon on the way home. Oh well.
#10 by endurance on Monday, Aug 25 at 3:10 PM Yea,.... when you look at the "majority" of the people that fill up MWGL... they play CS. Since the "mwgl staff" is not a big fan and don't particulary want to run a cs tournament, the cs players have left and gone to an even that was designed for the game they love. So when you go to an even... theres only 20 people... welll the other 80 people that used to be there played cs. I know i would not go to a multi game lan if the only game i played was cs, and on the same weekend, i could go to another tourney and win money playing "my" game.
#11 by Krogue on Monday, Aug 25 at 5:23 PM Endurance, That would make sense if the majority of people did play CS. But, at most of our LANs, the minority of people involved in the tournaments were CS players. When we had 118 people attend, somewhere around 45 people were involved in the CS tournaments. If the other 73 people signed up for the September 6th weekend, it would still be worth it. And, I am sure that out of the 15 teams playing at the other tournament that weekend, only a handful of them are probably regulars at the MwGL events. So, where are all the rest of the Gamers in KC? I live in an area that is 1/5th the size of the KC metropolitan area, but there is a group (CARNAGGE) that holds events every other month, and they play a everything (and very little CS), and they get 60 people everytime. So, if a po-dunk area like Iowa City/Coralville can pull in 60+ non-CS players on a regular basis, then KC should be doing 4-5 times that. So, as I asked before ... Where the hell is everybody?
#12 by speaker on Tuesday, Aug 26 at 6:34 AM In Atlanta ;)
#13 by BurnPilot on Tuesday, Aug 26 at 10:24 AM To clairfy for Endurance. It's not that MwGL is not a big fan of CS (more than one of us played it quite a bit in our time), it's that we don't believe EVERY lan should be devoted to CS. We are a GAMING league not a CS league. We will not cater to one game every event when there are so many games that others play that deserve attention just as much as CS. That being said, there is a CS tourney at our event in October and I'm sure most of you will be back signing up quickly then, since most don't care about those who actually runs the event just that YOUR game gets all the attention. I'm sorry you don't have the skill to play the other games or the enjoyment of gaming to have fun playing them. MwGL will not cater to one game as long as I'm a member. Who we will cater to is those that are TRUE gamers and enjoy gaming just for the act of gaming. Those who are there to have fun no matter what games are played. These are the people that enjoy our lans because they are MwGL lans and recognize all the hard work we put into them. These are the people I will always want to cater to and would happily take 20 of them over 100 people who only want for themselves and don't give a rats ass about the people who are running the lan.
#14 by KaiserRoll on Tuesday, Aug 26 at 6:53 PM You know, The thought just occured to me that this would be a good time to offer uber door prizes..... just don't tell anyone about it so I can finally get one.
#15 by Stolte on Sunday, Sep 14 at 4:36 PM Well if you want more people 2 show up Have a CS tounry...Then atleast ull have more then 25 showing up....Even if you dont like CS still have a tourny cuz more people at a lan = the more fun u have :P
#16 by BurnPilot on Sunday, Sep 14 at 7:05 PM Unless CS is then the ONLY game played which means many people will have NO fun.
#17 by atr.nolimit on Monday, Sep 15 at 7:50 AM so how many showed up at the 9/6 event?
#18 by BurnPilot on Tuesday, Sep 16 at 3:35 PM I'll take 25-30 people playing a bunch of different games over 100+ where 97% only play CS any time.

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