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  Thursday, Sep 18, 2003 Report News | Archive | Top  
MwGL Private LAN - 09-27
- Posted 11:32 PM By Squirre1
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The MwGL is holding a private LAN and we have 6 Public spots that are open for attendence. Games that are going to be played are:

  • Raven Shield <-- Primarily
  • Battlfield 1942
  • Battlfield 1942: Desert Combat
  • Battlfield 1942: Interstate
  • American Conquest
  • Taking suggestions for other games

    We are looking for Raven Shield players primarily but anyone is able to attend... Please send your emails to Squirre1@mwgl.org for information or to attend.
  • 17 Comments Posted

    #1 by KaiserRoll on Saturday, Sep 20 at 6:59 PM 
    You know if you all want to learn how to play Natural selection I could bring the 
    server over and.....
    #2 by BurnPilot on Saturday, Sep 20 at 8:18 PM You know that might actually be an idea. Would be nice to learn it as a group at a small lan.
    #3 by BurnPilot on Saturday, Sep 20 at 8:19 PM Oh yeah, we also need to get some Jedi Academy multiplayer in. The new Siege gametype is pretty cool.
    #4 by Reflex on Saturday, Sep 20 at 8:35 PM Hi fellas, I am planning on coming.
    #5 by KaiserRoll on Sunday, Sep 21 at 1:01 AM Yea, NS is loads of fun if everybody is new at the same time. Back in October it was a blast to play because everybody was on the same level. If you all are interested let me know.
    #6 by BurnPilot on Sunday, Sep 21 at 8:00 AM Well, if you can, bring it on a cd just in case so everyone can get it easily.
    #7 by Mizzouri on Sunday, Sep 21 at 4:43 PM I've never played Natural Selection before. What's the game like?
    #8 by Prezario on Sunday, Sep 21 at 6:36 PM I'd love to join you all, but my Mom will be flying into town that morning and it would probably not be cool for me to be out gaming with my buds right when she gets here. Hope you will do another one soon that I can actually fit into my schedule!
    #9 by Squirre1 on Sunday, Sep 21 at 11:33 PM Sorry you can't make it prezario... NS looks like an intense game.... It is a MOD ofr half-life... :) I can already hear what you are saying... ROFL...!!!
    #10 by BurnPilot on Monday, Sep 22 at 6:33 AM For Mizzouri. ,As the rodent mentioned, NS is a Half- Life mod. It's a combination RTS/FPS. Each team has a "commander" that can give out waypoints to the troops and build structures and such. All the rest of the players control the actual troops. If you've seen the previews for Savage, I guess it's kinda like that. By the way, is Savage out?
    #11 by Krogue on Monday, Sep 22 at 8:43 AM Yeah, it is out. And, it is cool. I got to play it at the Cedar Rapids LAN. I called Rikus right after (at like 3 am) to tell him about it. He went out and got it last week, and has played it online some. The RTS/FPS combo is sweet. And, from what I am hearing, the commander position is sooooo important. A bad commander can utterly destroy a game. I am hoping to play some more of it when I come down the 10/3 weekend.
    #12 by KaiserRoll on Tuesday, Sep 23 at 9:37 PM So should I bother to come and bring NS with me? Yes, No?
    #13 by Mizzouri on Wednesday, Sep 24 at 12:55 AM At this point, I honestly am not sure if we will play any NS. I'd like to see it for future consideration though.
    #14 by Pat on Wednesday, Sep 24 at 7:38 AM Ok, so whos house is this going to be at, and what are my chances of bumming a ride from Squirrel?
    #15 by Mizzouri on Wednesday, Sep 24 at 11:13 PM It's at my house. The address is 2705 Field Creek Ct. Blue Springs.
    #16 by Reflex on Wednesday, Sep 24 at 11:53 PM Cool, cool... Pat is me BTW, I'm still cookied at Pat at school.
    #17 by Reflex on Wednesday, Sep 24 at 11:55 PM WTF is American Conquest and Battlfield 1942: Interstate? Sounds pretty nifty, info would be nice though.

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