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  Wednesday, Oct 29, 2003 Report News | Archive | Top  
De-Frag LAN Event
- Posted 4:52 PM By Krogue
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If you are not lucky enough to participate in the private mini-LAN at Mizzouri's on November 8th, or if you are just jonesing for a larger LAN, there is a possibility for you on November 7-9th. For the Kansas City folk, it would be a 4-1/2 hour drive, but it might be worth it. For the Iowa City guys, it will be just outside of town.

Here's the quick scoop! De/Frag is a 128man LAN party happening in Eastern Iowa. Registration is open to the public, and you're welcome to bring a friend, bring an 8-man team, or attend solo.

There are several team-based tournaments that will be happening at De/Frag including a Defense Of The Ancients tourney sponsored by ExtremePVP.

Sound interesting? Go to De-Frag! Create yourself an account on the left menu, and after you've logged in, check out the Lan Party Details on the right Pre-Register, and join a team! It's that simple!

WHEN: November 7 @ 8pm - November 9 @ noon
WHERE: Amana Colonies RV Park & Convention Center, Amana Iowa
WHO'S INVITED: All gamers, LAN party people, clans, etc.
WHAT TO BRING: See the FAQ! In general, just you and your PC, but someone always forgets something, so check the FAQ
FOOD: Schatzi's has offered to work up esveral $5 meal deals for us for De/Frag. An hour before food-time, we'll make an announcement, collect $5 from eachperson interested in food, and call up Schatzi's. They will then send over a truckload of food, saving us the trouble of getting our of our comfy leather computer chairs. (Yes, you may bring your own comfy chair for the weekend if your glute isn't fond of convention chairs!)
COST: $15 for the whole event if you Pre-Register. $20 at the door for walk-in's who don't Pre-Register
WHADDYAGET FOR $15 A seat, 4 feet of table space, a power outlet and a single cat5 drop. You'll have fill access to all tournaments, prizes, special promos, etc. at De/Frag. As well as access to the crash-couches.
PRIZES: We'll be givin away the following door prizes: Leather Executive Chair, Dell TrueMobile 2300 (802.11g/b) Wireless Broadband Router, Palm Zire PDA, and free gaming time at ExtremePvP . All items are new and in the original packaging. and include our official 10/10 warranty. (10/10 being "10 seconds or 10 feet") Warlock Has also donated a new modded case with a custom paint job to give away to one lucky individual.

*** UPDATE ON SEATING: True to the De/Frag policy of doing things right the first time, gamers will have 12 square feet of table space to set up their rigs. That'll give you a nice comfy 4 feet side-to-side for your mouse, joystick, keyboard, Bawls, food, pet rock, throttle, and wad-o-game-CDs. The tables are a full 3 feet deep as opposed to the 30" deep variety that you see at weddings or Chris Cakes/The Pancake Man. We've laid the aisles out wide enough that people can use their own comfy ofice chairs if they want. (And if you don't have one, we'll be giving oen away, and may have a few spare (new) ones for sale.) Now the downside... The chairs the Amana Conference center is providing are the metal folding chairs. You know the type, the nut-numbers. If you're the sort of gamer with callouses on your posterior, well, we don't want to know about it, but YOU should be fine for the whole event. The rest of us with pasty white, flaby backsides will probably want to take ergonomicly friendly bathroom breaks every couple hours. Remember, if your cheeks ever start tingleing, run (don't walk) away from the keyboard!

* You must be pre-registered to attend. Pre-registration requires you to create a de-frag account on their website and then click on the "Pre-Register" link. From there you can register for the November De/Frag and join a team.
* Anyone who pre-registers and then punks out will be sumarily hunted down and beaten with an old, wet gym sock. You'll also be put on the SCAB LIST.
* Morons who are on the SCAB list are not allowed to participate in the next event, and we will pass the SCAB LIST around to the admins of the other LAN Party groups in Iowa. So not only do you piss off the De/Frag admins, the sheer stupidity of your high moronitude is known across the state!
* Pregistration is simple and free. UN-REGISTERING is even easier and free'er (free'er?)
* Don't be a pathetic schmuck, pre-register now... and if something comes up and you can't make it, then just un-register.
Source: http://www.de-frag.us
3 Comments Posted

#1 by WaRMaN on Wednesday, Oct 29 at 7:49 PM 
Amana Colonies RV Park & Convention Center, Amana Iowa

ROFL! Glad to see they could cram a RV park and convention center on the same 
lot. Only in IOWA.
#2 by Prezario on Thursday, Oct 30 at 4:21 PM Sweet comment, WaRMaN!
#3 by Krogue on Thursday, Oct 30 at 5:03 PM It is actually a pretty nice area. They have a large area for full-size RV's to park and hook up to power and water, then they also have another area that has large convention halls and a visitor center. They also have a large theater and acting company. The convention halls are huge. The Amana Colonies are a major tourist spot, and pull in hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, so it isn't as back-woods cornfed rural as it sounds.

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