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File Download-Area

Download Area: Battlefield 1942

Battlefield 1942 v1.31Author: EA

This patch has the Coral Sea map just as in the previous 1.2 patch. It also does some balances to the gameplay and changes some of the default sounds.

Download: [http]-[ftp]Screens: ---Hits: 154
Mirror: ---Added: 05/17/2003Size: 46.8 Mb
Average Rating(1-10): 5.4 with 3 votesComments: 0

Battlefield 1942 Retail Patch v1.6.19Author: EA

This is the Battlefield 1942 full patch install which will update any version to v1.6.19.

Download: [http]-[ftp]Screens: ---Hits: 151
Mirror: ---Added: 02/11/2004Size: 275 Mb
Average Rating(1-10): Has not been rated. Comments: 1

Battlefield 1942 v1.31 Dedicated ServerAuthor: EA

This standalone server has the Coral Sea map from the 1.2 version and also says to have some performance Enhancements.

Download: [http]-[ftp]Screens: ---Hits: 84
Mirror: ---Added: 05/17/2002Size: 69 Mb
Average Rating(1-10): Has not been rated. Comments: 0

Desert Combat v0.38Author: Desert Combat Team

DesertCombat .38 is aimed as a patch release to .35, it adds mainly support for BF1942 1.4. It also has some bug fixes and adds some features that were going to be in the DC .4 release.

Download: [http]-[ftp]Screens: ---Hits: 306
Mirror: ---Added: 06/18/2003Size: 326 Mb
Average Rating(1-10): Has not been rated. Comments: 0

Desert Combat v0.7Author: Desert Combat Team

This is the full (beta) MOD of Desert Combat for Battlefield 1942. This is the updated version current as of 7 February 2004.

Download: [http]-[ftp]Screens: ---Hits: 145
Mirror: ---Added: 02/10/2004Size: 591 Mb
Average Rating(1-10): Has not been rated. Comments: 0

Eve of Destruction Alpha v0.3Author: EoD Team

Eve of Destruction The Indochina Vietnam conflict 1946-1973 Eve of Destruction is a free modification of the popular Battlefield 1942 game by DICE/EA, based on the Vietnam war. No other military conflict is comparable to those dramatic years of the 20th century. Most rumors spread about the Indochaina and Vietnam War are not honest, even though it was the best documented war in history. No other conflict was that controversal and pointed to an unloved fact: not our enemy is the only source of evil, the evil can be found within ourselves. The "Eve Of Destruction" mod is a tribute to the U.S. , ARVN and Vietcong/NVA soldiers who fought and died in Vietnam, and also to the Vietnamese people.

Download: [http]-[ftp]Screens: ---Hits: 471
Mirror: ---Added: 02/27/2004Size: 479 MB
Average Rating(1-10): 5.0 with only 1 voteComments: 0

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