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Posted by WaRMaN on 03-06-2004 10:25 PM:

ATI 9800 PRO or XT or Sapphire

Is there that much of a difference between the ATI Radeon 9800 XT 256 MB and the PRO 128 MB?

Also, is there a big difference between the ATI PRO 128 and Sapphire 128?

Also, would any of this matter if I only have a 4X AGP slot?

Trying to see if I need a new comp or Vid card.

P4 1.4 GHz on Intel D850GB 400 MHZ FSB 256 KB L2 cache 4x AGP

PC800 RAMBUS (ECC) 4x128 = 512 MB

ATI 7500 64 MB (works - but barely now)

other stuff is not relevant...

Posted by Gravity on 03-06-2004 10:41 PM:

well all said and done if you have an 8x/4x capable vid card and olny a 4x slot you wont get the full performance of the card no matter how you try

see attached link
8x agp info

effectively the 8x bus bandwith is double that of the 4x so to have a card that can do sooo much and a bus bandwith of half of what it can use kinda nulls the fact that the card is that good.

i havent personally campared the cards and cant help you much there but if you are going to get an 8x vid card id say have the agp bus to match.

Posted by bigDaddy on 03-11-2004 04:05 PM:

I've also been looking at the same cards.

WaRMaN raises a good point about the 4x vs. 8x AGP, but HOLD YOR HORSES!

I also read in the March '04 issue of PC Mag that later this year a new standard called PCI Express will replace AGP, the bandwidth is supposed to run at a theoretical 4GBps (about twice as fast as an 8x AGP).

The good news, if you were thinking about upgrading to an 8x AGP motherboard, wait and get the new PCI EX.

On the other end of things, once that is released, you'll see all the prices of these AGP cards take a nose dive, and you should be able to pick one up for a song.

Posted by Squirre1 on 03-11-2004 04:14 PM:

Is there a new standard for the PCI EX or this going to be a battle over who is designing the bus... Did you happen to see when they are going to start releasing boards with this interface...

"Men who experience an erection for more than four hours should seek immediate medical attention."

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Posted by bigDaddy on 03-11-2004 07:57 PM:

It sounds like Intel, ATI and a lot of other are on it, sounds almost like a done deal already.

A couple of good articles:

CP Technology to ship up to one million PCI Express graphics cards in 2004

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