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Posted by Porky on 01-29-2003 11:13 PM:

Quake III Arena 1v1 Tourney Rules

1v1 OSP vq3
OSP version 1.01
Q3 Version 1.32 <---- FOR UPDATES FOR OSP
Warmup Time: 5 minuites "any later than 5 min, if the other player is not ready the person who is ready recieves forfeit win. "demo/screenshot required" Both players can recieve a forfeit and any other extra players will recieve by's"
Time Limit: 15 minuites
Maps: q3tourney2, pro-q3dm6, ztn3tourney1, pro-q3tourney4
Map selection: Quarter toss
Bracket Style: Double elimination, "If the tourney gets bigger more than 20 people there will be single elimination first round and double in the final 10."
Disconnects: If a person disconnects purposley by typing /quit in console or exiting from the selection menu they automaticly forfeit the match.
Network Problems: If there is a network problem or a computer crash durring the first 10 min of the match.. the match will be played over.. If it is over the 10 minuite mark the highest scoring player wins the match "Does not coonclude final match"
Cost: FREE =]
Spectators: No spectators period. except chasecam.... otherwise NO EXCEPTIONS!
Misc: Any other problems that occur, the tournament director "Porky" A.K.A. Quakemaster should be notified immediately. The tournament director may choose any solution that is appropiate for the problem... No exceptions!!

The final rule: Winner of the osp q3 1v1 tournament must play Porky, because he will be running the tourney not playing... For bragging rights.... be prepared for the leet quakemaster. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

Posted by Brett on 01-30-2003 02:27 PM:

who is this..

who is this newbie

Posted by Squirre1 on 01-30-2003 02:44 PM:


/me starts adding all the times that porky and brett have attended events......


"Men who experience an erection for more than four hours should seek immediate medical attention."

Levitra Commercial :P

Posted by WaRMaN on 01-30-2003 03:05 PM:

You are all lucky that I am not there to put the SMACK DOWN on your noobie asses!

Posted by Porky on 01-30-2003 05:49 PM:


WERE GONNA MISS YA WARMAN sorry about the luck having to move.... you a true leet quaker - Porky

Posted by WaRMaN on 02-02-2003 10:18 PM:

I'll be back! Just when, I don't know. But, I will be back!

Posted by Porky on 02-03-2003 10:36 AM:

well when u do... u owe me ravin brett a big welcome back lan

Posted by WaRMaN on 02-04-2003 11:14 PM:

Kick ass! If I can still play PC games when I get back. I bought an XBOX, and been playing most of the time on it. But, yeah, we need to get something together when I get back.

Posted by Koyetsu on 02-19-2003 01:47 AM:

Quake 3

what's quake 3? i seem to remember this really old game that was cool called quake 3, but that was made YEARS ago. no one really plays that OLD game anymore, do they?
i mean if we're gonna have a Q3 tourny maybe we should have a Warcraft 2 (yes i said 2) tourny...oh wait my computer can't play it...tooo fast....have to break out the 486...kinda like when i play Q3!

porky if you were any L3373|2 then i would have to beat you down to get my cable/dsl router back!

hehehe my 2 cents

btw where you moving warman?

Posted by WaRMaN on 02-19-2003 11:55 AM:

Not moving yet, I am deployed in support of Operation NOBLE EAGLE. I will return for a few short weeks around June time frame, then off to Vegas

Posted by Anthos on 02-19-2003 01:09 PM:

Yeah, the old argument works well. Quake 3 is soooo much older than CS...


Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

Nobody wins in a quick-draw contest.

Posted by Anthos on 03-08-2003 11:32 AM:

That's quite enough of that, children.


Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

Nobody wins in a quick-draw contest.

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