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Posted by DeathsDoor[SS] on 01-08-2003 11:19 PM:

Unreal Tournament - 2003

Has anyone noticed any cheat codes being used by players that just seem to win real quick like and don't seem to die? Just curious since the games been out a while if anyone has noticed this stuff.

Posted by Kagato on 01-08-2003 11:24 PM:

I've heard rumors that there are one or two supposedly floating around the 'net, but I don't think I've ever witnessed anything in game. There's been times I've wonder how the heck somebody did something, but I realize that there are groups that practice hours a day on tactics, etc. and they are just that damn good Altough I do dread the day when it becomes another CheaterStrike

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Posted by DeathsDoor[SS] on 01-08-2003 11:41 PM:

Cool U2k3

What I seen was guys using beserk, invisible, speed, at the start of the game. I know if you build up adreneline, you can use them but, these guys seem to start right off. Then you have the guys that kill with one shot each and every time. I know some guys practice alot but when you get 8 players and you get some guy who wins 25-0, somethings wrong.

Posted by Anthos on 01-11-2003 04:43 PM:

I would have to agree with you there... We will see what we can find...


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Posted by ThEChRoNiC on 01-31-2003 04:18 AM:

My number one game right now is UT2k3 and I have been playing UT itself now for 3 years. all I have to say is dont wast your time trying to figure out the cheater. I am in a Clan for UT2k3 and we spent a little time researching the whole cheating aspect. and here is what we have found sofar yes there is at least one aimbot program out there and yes it does work to an extent. but requires you to play in openGL mode and all of the cheaters enemys show up as a solid color usualy red. and the only shure fire way to be able to prove that person is cheating is to either see his monitor. or record a demo of the suspected cheater. and look at that person when he is typing a message. if he is saying somthing and his charecter is still aiming at a nerby target with precision heys probably cheating. but man what a hassel

anyway here are some good tips for improveing your game.

1. get your self a Good set of headphones, turn off the in game music and crank the sound FX up. by dooing this you will begin to hear a lot of things that previously got washed out by music.
each Item In UT2k3 makes a distinct sound when picked up. depending on the map you can here a person pick up items such as sheilds and quad damage clear on the other side of the map.
so in essonce you can track people and there movments just by listening.

2. it only takes a monster kill to build up enuf adrn. to pull a move
so if a guy is able to kill 6 or more people in a row wich isint dificult on the right map if you know where thehigh trafic area's of the map are. wich leads me to

3. KNOW YOUR MAPS if youknow your maps you will also reconize paterns of movment in your oponent, if he likes the Rocket wepon make shure your aiming at it when he goes for it. reconize where spawn points are located some maps like Compressed only have like 6 spawn points. so couple that with the ability to hear that person spawn. and you should alredy know where that person is headed and be able to greet him when he gets there.

Ohhh and never stand still I love it when a player stops to get a bead on you. instint Giblets

I hope some of this helps. and just to let you know all thease tips were givin to me by a guy who came in and spanked me and 9 of my clan mates in DM. the guy was 63 frags ahead of all of us and half way thru we stoped killing each other just to try and kill him and he still won. wich is what led us to begin our search for Cheats. let me tell you he was not cheating its just that some people have this shit down to a science. try playing aginst Fatal1ty somtime and ask him how he became number 1, after he tells you practice, practice, practice he would probably give you the same tips I just gave you.

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