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Posted by WaRMaN on 01-30-2003 03:13 PM:

Xbox Usb?

I read this article:
USB keyboard/mouse on XBOX

Does anyone know if this has to be done with a modchip, and will it actually work within games? He states that you can play games, but I am wondering how the game will support it. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Posted by Squirre1 on 03-15-2003 05:38 PM:

ROFL... Howly Shit... I wouldn't be crazy enough to do that... I wonder how many people jacked up there systems with this setup.....

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Posted by Kagato on 04-03-2003 04:49 PM:

As far as I understand it, you don't need a modchip for this to work. The Xbox uses the standard USB interface with the added fact that I believe they also require a certain identifier block of information to be present in the device in order for it to be allowed use on the Xbox (proprietary header info and what not). Basically I think it's MS's way of saying "You want to make hardware for our system, give us some $$$ and we'll give you the info". Though reading through the walkthrough, I'd almost say that's not true anymore, all they are doing is doing some simple resoldering to the new adapters. Don't own one personally so can't give it a runthrough myself.

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