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Posted by s1ider on 08-03-2004 10:06 AM:

### 1v1 DM ut2k3 omaha,NE (sept17-18)

I have invited some competitors from Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, and locally to prove their worth and skills in ut2k3. There will not be any other prizes other than $$$ for the top 3 placers.
There will be an extra $5 on top of the entry fee ($10) if you wish to participate in the 1v1 tourny and 60% of the entire pool will be for 1st place with 30% going to 2nd and 10% going to 3rd. The winner will take home the Bracket as well.

LANbush Tourney for 1v1 deathmatch
Location: 60th and L st. Omaha, Nebraska
Entry Fee: $10.00 (extra $5.00 for 1v1 money tourney)
Main Tourney: Unrealtournament 2003/2004 1v1 Deathmatch
Main Tourney Prizes: Money pool for the top competitors (1st-4th).
Secondary Tourney: Unrealtournament 2004 "IRON MAN" competition.
Secondary Tourney Prize: $25.00

Game Settings: Normal Gravity under map's default settings, normal game speed.
Map Settings: Stock maps and maps included with the Community Bonus pack and Epic Bonus Pack (go to their website for pack downloads)

Tourney Rules:
1v1 with no spectators with the exception of the server side demo recorder.
15 minute time limit
20 frag limit
No translocator
No instagib
No cheating or hacking (if caught, you will be maimed!!!…kidding)

*Maps will be decided by the tournament organizer and will be exclusive only to DM maps: Compressed, Ironic, Flux 2, Grendel Keep, Antalus, Insidious, Geal, and Leviathan.

**Any suggestions will be considered by the tourney organizer.

***Before the 1v1 tourney, there will be a bracketing match including everyone involved in the tourney and it will only be used for purpose of bracketing. The map will be Tokkara Forrest and there might be lag due to the amount of people in the same server. If the lag becomes to much, we will then break it into 2 servers with the same amount of competitors in both.

UT 2004
Most frags wins.
60 minute match
Standard (non-bonus pack or custom) skins only.
$25 prize to the first place player (minimum 15 players for prize to be awarded)

Posted by Reflex on 08-05-2004 12:01 AM:

Using a lot of random characters to draw attention to your post (###) is in bad taste.

Posted by KCShadowDragon on 08-05-2004 10:13 AM:

My question is why UT2k3?

I mean... seriously... at least play the newest version as the primary tourney.

-- 1f u c4n r34d t41s u r34lly n33d t0 g3t l41d.

Posted by s1ider on 08-05-2004 08:38 PM:

awww pisss!!
I should have proof read the subject, cause I ment to put $$$ and not ###.
also, if there is a high demand of people wanting 2k4 rather than 2k3, I'll change it. However, some I know that are going dont like the changes to the game that 2k4 included, and not changed the graphics engine but for only a few gun models. Most everyone going that has 2k4 have already 2k3 but not the other way around. There will be an onslaught tourny too, but the main competition is the 1v1.

Again, sorry bout the ### charecters, I really meant $$$ (cause it's a money tourny)

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