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Posted by WaRMaN on 02-02-2004 07:51 PM:

Console Website - Wanna Help?

We at the MwGL are looking at launching a website driven towards the consoles (PS2, XBOX, Game Cube, etc). It will be packed with game information and online tournaments. So, at this time, we are looking for people that feel like this would be something they would love to dedicate some time in--helping with the launch and everyday updates. If this catches your eye then head here and fill out our application. Please include that you are interested in the console launch, and state what you can bring to the table. Examples would include (but not limited to) Coding, graphics, news reporting, and just plain time to help. Remember this is a total volunteer thing - we are not looking at profiting from this venture! Everyone is invited to apply.

Posted by KCShadowDragon on 02-03-2004 12:24 AM:

I allready filled out the app. So I won't send a second one. But cound me in. I'll do what ever ya need me to. Squirre1 knows my qualifications.

-- 1f u c4n r34d t41s u r34lly n33d t0 g3t l41d.

Posted by WaRMaN on 02-03-2004 10:13 PM:

Cool, I will fill you in on some more info in the near future.

Posted by Gravity on 02-04-2004 02:42 PM:

i would like to help however i dont know much about designing a webpage, however i would like to learn about it. so if there is something i can do let me know

Posted by Krogue on 02-05-2004 11:01 AM:

Warman, if you could possibly send me some of the newest console machines and a lot of games to try out on them, I would be happy to help with the console site.

The last console I owned was the Sega Genesis, so I would probably need hours and hours of game time on the new machines you would send me, in order to get up to speed on what is out there on the market these days.

My address is in my Profile in the Members Forum. I would recommend sending them next day air freight and insured. I know that is more expensive, but this way I can get playing right away. Really looking forward to helping.



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