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Posted by BuZzZz on 04-02-2002 12:06 PM:

Question Plans for the Next Lan Party?


Just wanting to know what are the plans for the next tourney games for the next lan party?

and why were so many people registered for UT and then only 7 guys actualy played? Please keep the Ut tournY!!!! ITs the best!!

WOuld Jedi Knights 2 be possible for a tourny?? Its a great game!!!



Posted by Squirre1 on 04-02-2002 12:10 PM:

We are going to have Jedi Knight be the tournaments for the next event and try to do something special.

We will have to see.

Posted by BuZzZz on 04-03-2002 12:01 PM:


Jedi Knights 2 right....?

so thats it no other tournys? just jedi?
or arer ther other? if so any ideas?



Posted by Squirre1 on 04-03-2002 12:20 PM:

Will more than likely be others, but after the complications this weekend with cheating, we are rethinking have another CS tournament....

Posted by Curve on 04-03-2002 01:53 PM:

Originally posted by Squirre1
we are rethinking have another CS tournament....

Say it ain't so squirre1 say it ain't so...

My thoughts on this:
Counter-Strike 1.4 will be out before your next LAN party. That I can be almost sure of. Now I know I am going out on a limb saying this and all, but I bet with the next release cheats will be at an all time low. I can't say stopped, because that would just be dumb of me.

Hell, CS:CZ will be out by the end of April, and that will bring a whole new field of game play back in to it. CS is way to popular after 3+ years of being out for it to die down at tourney's (contrary to popular belief BurnPilot ).

With CSGuard , valve's new cheat protection and the fact that there will be actual member's watching over people as they play in tournements (me being a new one (thanks guys!!)), you have nothing to worry about having cheats go on at LAN's, especially yours.

Plus, CS is jsut getting better !!!!!!!

/me steps off soap box and finds a way to fuck that up somehow.

Sweet sweet ass

Posted by Bruce_1337 on 04-03-2002 02:16 PM:

OMG U WOULD BE F00lz! not to have another cs tournament!!!!!!!!

If haveing most of your registrants registering for cs isnt enough to tip u off, look at the CPL. I dont know how many of you keep up with what is going on with the cpl, but i would check it out. I think there is a reason they picked counter-strike to be the championship game for last winter and this summer. Also, look at the number of clans that have been registered into cal open this past season. I remember two seasons ago, open had almost as many registrants as main. Now main is twice as large and open is 4x as large.

Seriously, i know cheating is a problem online, but on lan u can spot a cheater like its nothing. That is what the Team Liquid guy was trying to show you when he was up there. I know our team pointed a guy with cheats but there was more to the story than that. The BFG guys were accusing of be cheaters and pretty much telling everybody we were h4x. One of our members went on their machine to play and show that he doesnt hack. In the process of setting his control he saw the ogc commands in the BFG guys command menu. Honestly, he probably wouldnt have said anything if it wasnt for the fact the BFG guys would not let up.

I sincerly hope u dont cut cs, and in fact, i wish you would concentrate more on it (granted u keep getting the cs tournament signups). I really liked how you guys adopted cal rules because cal is by far superior to any other league. If you do cut cs, i doubt i'll be at the next event. If you need help running cs, i'll freely volunteer. I love the game and look at it as a sport, it would be a shame if the only good lan party in kansas city decided to drop it.

bB|-Bruce1337r0y aka Sean_T
p.s. When will the pics from the last tournament be up.

Posted by devilon on 04-03-2002 07:19 PM:

man... fuck CS. I've played it a few times, and I personaly hate it. It's not the controls, not the interface, not the fact that you have to reload... it just is really boring. From what I hear, Jedi Knight II and MOH are gonna be going on. Those will be fun.

Posted by Curve on 04-03-2002 10:59 PM:

Originally posted by devilon
man... fuck CS. I've played it a few times, and I personaly hate it. It's not the controls, not the interface, not the fact that you have to reload... it just is really boring. From what I hear, Jedi Knight II and MOH are gonna be going on. Those will be fun.

I will not have your blasphemous tounge!!!!

Ok I will.. You are god. you > me.

Sweet sweet ass

Posted by BuZzZz on 04-04-2002 11:36 AM:

Thumbs down Yeah i think CS sucks!! plz read

I have played CS and i hate the buy menu and all the other stuff that goes with it, a good player is good so he get better guns that makes him even better harder to kill and so on, in my opinion this is unfair, this makes the game unfun, that if your good you get more advantages and unfair!!

So my solution is you guys try SF Strike Force for UT is a mod like CS thats much better no buy menu, fair game no cheat possible, and its like CS teams figth other team you die your dead and ghost mode, like CS and the guns and levels are better, this game is more on skill eveone weapons are fare, so you rely on skill not making money and getting guns.

TRY IT!!! if people played it they would take it over CS so try it, its worth it.

I would like to get some action fo it at the next lan, so you guys can see how great it is.

Heres the site check it out!!

trust me its worth it, and its better than CS!!!!


Posted by Bruce_1337 on 04-04-2002 01:47 PM:

lol, nope, not better than cs, not even close.

Posted by devilon on 04-04-2002 06:41 PM:

I kinda like Tactical Ops, it's pretty nice. I really like MoH and stuff like that though.

Posted by Tuscanspeed on 04-27-2002 01:48 PM:


CS is bout as much fun as watching my dog crap in the back yard. The only thing I saw come out of it was some guy getting real ticked off and yelling bout it.

Posted by BurnPilot on 04-27-2002 04:25 PM:

We have talked on previous occasions about rotating the tournies so the same ones wouldn't be running EVERY event. This is especially good for the tournies that it seems like the same people are winning every event. So if we did decide to remove cs for say one event just to try out another game as a tourney, it in no way says cs will never be back. I went and played cs the day after it came out and there were already hackers running around. I'm sure I witnessed 2 and there was a possiblity of a 3rd. If anything, if we do decide to rotate cs out for say the next one, it will just be to get some variety in the event. Some tournies I think might be cool include.

Jedi Knight II 2v2
MoH or RtCW teams
DoD team

I am currently trying to make list of what else we could do, but think some variety would be good.

"One of the major tactical blunders when involved in any conflict is to have supply lines dependent on crossing bridges. That's just asking for trouble."

Posted by Bruce_1337 on 04-27-2002 05:17 PM:

...ok, but i would expect less of a turnout =/(not a threat, just based on the #of cs signups for the last event...seems like it would make more since to remove UT)....and fyi, the valve anti-cheat hasn't gone live, i have a fealing those hackers are going to be in for a surprise.

Posted by dbh on 04-28-2002 09:01 PM:

he's right, gents... CS is still the king of gaming. Even with 1.4's crap, hundreds of thousands still play it over anything else.

On a more personal note, I am having two SoF members who went to the MWF's CPL Qualifier last year come with me to this event from Springfield, MO. Kind of a good distance... and we're coming to play a CS tournament (among everything else). If you dont' want to run one, that's cool - I run the LFF's CS tournament every couple months, and can do this one too. Prizes are another story... but I don't play for prizes, and I doubt many others do. I'd warn you though... if you don't run an official CS tournament and someone like myself starts up an informal bracket, very few will be doing anything else but participating in the CS tournament :/ Like he said... not a threat... just the sad fact :/

Let me know what you decide... getting guys from 5 hours away does take some planning. Also, when's the date on this next one? I've heard May 18ish, which is three weeks. If that's the case, can we get a date set in stone soon? That's really not very far at all...


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