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Posted by BurnPilot on 10-02-2002 04:18 PM:

Favorite UT2k3 Game Type

I have to say I am extremely partial to "Bombing Run" now. I was upset when they announced the assault type of gameplay being taken out but Bombing Run more than makes up for it. It fits perfectly with the games futuristic sport theme.

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Posted by KaiserRoll on 10-02-2002 07:55 PM:

I like it too, its definatly more interesting than capture the flag I think. I kinda liked assualt too, but i think it had more potential than people were willing to develope.

Posted by Kagato on 10-02-2002 09:31 PM:

I'll fire of my favorite - Bombing Run with Instagib enabled - OMG that is just major kick a$$. Bombing Run in general is fun, but the Instagib gives is that extra bit of sweetness - specially getting the ball fired off right into somebody's face and nailing them before they get a chance to get rid of it and return fire. With the full version out, it's even funner having a new array of maps.

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Show all 3 posts from this thread on one page

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