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Posted by MOMO on 04-28-2002 10:31 AM:

Originally posted by Squirre1

Bink, Bink....

Oh Shit....

There is my 2 cents.... ;P

I dunno, man. My pennies always go clink clink. Those some type of foreign currency?

"You must BE the crap." Joshua to Biff

Posted by dbh on 04-28-2002 11:46 AM:

Such a strong argument. Notice how he expertly incorporates the use of capital letters and punctuation? I'm not sure if I can come up with anything against him in that one...


Posted by SpankyPop on 05-01-2002 08:16 PM:

Originally posted by Curve
Plainly stated, I really like it.

The jumping does not affect me one bit. I think it adds a nice little play of realism which adds an element of fun. I want someone to stand up right now and jump in one place and then around your house, we'll see how tired you get .
I've been playing CS since day 1, and I think every release just adds more. I'm still a faithful CSer

Yea maybe you curve but the rest of us are effected quite greatly by the jumping. I use jump as both an offense and a defensive tactic and while i agree that something needed to be done about bunny-hopping (well actually I really couldn't care less about it, only about 1/100 of cs'ers know how to do it, and the rest are just pissed because they can't figure it out - but ill be politically correct here and admit that it was unrealistic) I think they took it too far. one lil hop and your slowed down to like the speed you have when you gots the awp busted out. i dunno about you curvie but i can hop more than once and keep on running.
Other than that, i love it lots. the bomb planting thing needed to be done to keep bombs from being planted all over the place.
the spectator thingies are absoultly neat. hrm, what else. I too have been playing since beta one and I too believe that every new release is freaking orgasmic. but they took the jumping too far with this one. mad: Oh, and mods don't go crazy and ban me for being an ass to curve, I get to diss him, Iv'e known him for a few years now. moreover, nice forums yall's got here!

Posted by SpankyPop on 05-01-2002 08:20 PM:

Originally posted by BurnPilot
Actually comparing jumping and physical movement in track is perfect for any game, especially cs. In fact, bunny hopping is indeed a possibility, let me explain. During my 4 years of running track we had an exercise every year where we would attempt to "bound" around the entire track to increase endurance and explosion. For those who haven't heard of bounding what it basically is is a real life bunny hop. It is slower than running and faster than a walk, plus you make no where near the noise you would when running. Sure doing it around the entire track took some strength an no one hardly ever made it more than 300 meters without having to stop but it is possible, think at the end of my junior year I made it almost the full track with only a half second stop half way though. Anyway, it's really hard to describe bounding, but describing it as a real life bunny-hop is the best way. I guess you could describe it as doing a lay-up style(with a little more emphasis on height) jump then landing on the opposite foot only to jump right back off that foot the same way. I'm not sure the distance runners did it much but they probably did it a couple times so Anthos should be able to second me on this.

To answer Wingfoot, no, no q3 for me I will probably go Jedi Knight 2 then UT 2003 if anything.

Yea and no normal human could do this right? without lots and lots of hard, anarobic and areobic exercie right? the kinda exercise that you might expect then you join the seals? maybe?

Posted by BurnPilot on 05-01-2002 09:40 PM:

Don't worry Spanky we won't ban you, especially when you pretty much agree with us. And everyone loves to mess with Curve so we won't hold that against you either Seriously though, have you guys ever watched the Navy Seal special they run on cable? (I can't remember the channel, but it's one of the informative ones) Anyway they show their training and how demanding it is. I'm sure that after what they are put through they could probably jump serveral times without losing speed, while in full gear at that.

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Posted by Fyre on 05-02-2002 08:43 PM:

I donno man, i could go for a good banning right now spanky! lol, jk. I've been playing CS 1.4 addictively becuase cs has that quality, but i have learned a good few of new tactics that kick butt. They're basically 1.0 tactics melded with 1.3, basically, you crouch walk while shooting, strafe/hop to the side and crouch back the opposite way, i usually get random headshots, and if i dont, i kill em soon enough just by their crappy aim, I usually get 24% or more accuracy(Found this out by a server mod(Statsme 2.1) its really cool. But ive grown to like 1.4, but 1.0 is still the best version of CS they ever released.(Oh, and the spec. kix butt too )



Posted by Curve on 05-08-2002 12:26 PM:

I'm so banning Spanky.

Sweet sweet ass

Posted by Fyre on 05-08-2002 03:18 PM:

lol, how mean of you.


Posted by Squirre1 on 06-28-2002 02:47 PM:

Now that 1.5 is out, what do you think of it...

Posted by Anthos on 06-28-2002 04:13 PM:

Same as 1.4.


Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

Nobody wins in a quick-draw contest.

Posted by Fyre on 06-28-2002 09:41 PM:

nothing new, but i've been addict of beta 4, with the leet models, and bunny hopping, strafe jumping, all the good things, lol, i play 1.5 with my friends every now and then, but we need more beta 4 servers!


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