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Posted by Anthos on 10-29-2002 01:14 AM:

Counter Strike Tournament Format

Okay, so what I've got so far, you want:

12 rounds
Single elimination
Have CS Tournament first (would you stay for the rest of the LAN? or is this the only reason you're coming?)
Have official CAL map rotation (correct me if I'm wrong, it's early/late), Dust2, Aztec, Train, Prodigy, Inferno, Nuke, Cobble, Clan_Mill, and Clan_Fire.

Anything else?


Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

Nobody wins in a quick-draw contest.

Posted by db-thetoy on 10-29-2002 01:34 AM:

Single elimination for the first round depending on how many teams. If there are only 12 or so, double would be fine. Don't have to have the CS tourny first, just not 4 a.m.

Posted by db-thetoy on 10-29-2002 01:39 AM:

Oh, also have maybe a schedule. We had some member issues that went to sleep becuse they didn't know what time the tourny was. Maybe also release an exact map rotation before the tourny. Lastly, give atleast a 5 minute break inbetween the map rounds because making sure everybody has stuff down is kinda hard on the fly as it was. Other than that, yes I would stay the rest of the LAN if CS was first. I came to play with my team and others, not just win a tourny and leave.

Posted by EwKSnipistPlaya on 10-29-2002 02:12 PM:

If the Counter-Strike tournament is first, yes I would probably stay the rest of the LAN. You should schedule another MWGL Lan this november.

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