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  Sunday, Feb 10, 2002 Report News | Archive | Top  
Currently pending House bill
- Posted 2:31 PM By devilon
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Okay, I realize this is a little bit off topic, but this is a topic that I am very sensitive about. I was browsing around on kcgeek and I found a link to an article in the Library of Congress. Apparently (if I'm reading this right) this proposed act, known as the Universal Military Training and Service Act of 2001, will require "Every male person residing in the United States who is between the ages of 18 and 22 is to receive basic military training and education as a member of the armed forces." How about not. Read on...
Source: KcGeek
Full Story:
This bill (HR 3598 IH) was originally proposed on the 20th of December, 2001. The bill "...requires the induction into the Armed Forces of young men registered under the Military Selective Service Act, and to authorize young women to volunteer, to receive basic military training and education for a period of up to one year." You can read the article in full here.

Wait a minute. Let me make sure I am crystal clear on this. I am 17 years old right now. If this becomes a law, when I register for the Selective Service Act, I am required to join a branch of the military for up to one year. And the icing on the cake: I, a male, am required to do this. Women, however, are not required to do this. They can volunteer. Now, I'm not one to push discrimination issues that often, but I feel that is sexual discrimination. Women have fought for years to attain equal rights in every aspect of government, and they have won. Therefore, they should have to carry this responsibility just like the men do. I believe that women are in no way inferior to men, and I know many women who are superior to most men. I believe they should be affected by this bill as well.

Section 4 paragraph B of this bill states that "A person who has not obtained their high school diploma or equivalent shall receive basic military training and education for an additional period of up to six months after the completion of the period established for members of that armed force." So America's tax dollars are going to educate high school dropouts who passed up the chance when they had it. If people has wanted to graduate in the first place, they would have done it when they had the chance. People have to be willing to learn in order for them to do so. If they are being forced to, the success rate will be substantially lower than if it was an option.

As stated in Section 8 paragraph A, "A person who is on a full time basis in a high school or a similiar institution of learning shall be entitled to have their induction postponed until he obtains a high school diploma or attains the age of 20, whichever occurs first." So if I don't graduate for some reason, and I stay in school until I'm 20, then I get pulled out of school to get military training. This actualy makes the last statement look a little more appealing, since you get 6 months of school after your training is completed.

This is really weird, and kinda scary. I have no problems with the military, but I think the overall morale would be lower because people are being forced to join, not asked. If this is what our country is heading for, let me find my grandmother's address in Canada, because I'm not gonna stick around to feel the effects of this proposed bill.

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