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  Friday, May 24, 2002 Report News | Archive | Top  
Good News For Radeon 8500 Owners
- Posted 2:11 PM By tmmicklabs
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Looks like ATI is garnering a lot of support for it's Radeon 8500 video card according to a recent press release. Even the mighty John Carmack, aka, Captain Daddy Doom Pants is even pimping the Radeon 8500 as the ideal video card to play Doom 3 on next year.
Click on Read More to read the entire press release.
Source: ATI
Full Story:
ATI has posted a press release showing off the continuing work of the developer relations department at ATI. This is great news for all you ATI fanboys out there.

ATI and leading game developers are working together to bring unsurpassed realism and excellent visual quality to hot new computer games.
Currently there are over 25 games available that support ATI's SMARTSHADER, SMOOTHVISION or TRUFORM technologies, with over 100 in development for release in the next year including games from: 3D Realms, ArenaNet, Attention To Detail, BioWare Corp, Burut, Croteam, Cryptic Entertainment, Digital Extremes, Fox Interactive, Gas Powered Games, Gearbox Software, Id Software™, Interplay Entertainment, Kaboom Studios, Kuju Entertainment Ltd, Legend Entertainment, Lionhead Studios, LucasArts Entertainment Company, Mad Doc Software, Mucky Foot, Novalogic, Pivotal Games, Project 3 Interactive, Rage Games Ltd., Raven Software, Relic Entertainment, Remedy Entertainment, SEGA, Silicon Dream Studios, Similis Game Development, Sony Online Entertainment, Ubi Soft Entertainment and Vivendi Universal Games.

"The Radeon 8500 has far and away the most flexible pixel shading pipeline of current boards, allowing me to do in one pass what requires two or three passes on competitor's boards," said John Carmack, Co-owner, Technical Director, Id Software™ "The increased internal precision also makes possible a quality improvement in high dynamic range scenes."

"ATI produces the most programmable mainstream graphics card yet and the pixel shader support is incredible," said Steve Sinclair, Lead Programmer, Digital Extremes. "Unreal Tournament 2003 will once again be one of the most graphically gorgeous games on the market because of the technological advances ATI has made with their graphics cards."

ATI is working very closely with game and game-engine developers to ensure its technology-leading features - SMARTSHADER, SMOOTHVISION and TRUFORM - are being used to the fullest extent possible, enabling ultra-real games and gaming experiences.


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