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  Thursday, Sep 15, 2005 Report News | Archive | Top  
Capcom Classics Collection
- Posted 12:00 AM By WaRMaN
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Capcom announced their Classics Collection for the PS2 and Xbox. This blast-from-the-past compilation reintroduces more than 20 unforgettable classic Capcom titles which cannot be found anywhere in one location. Delivering the groundbreaking and revolutionary games of their time, Capcom Classics Collection features not only unforgettable favorites from the good ole arcade days and the Super Nintendo, but also a plethora of bonus features. Capcom Classics Collection is scheduled for release throughout North America 27 September 2005. Check out the list of games included in this title.
Full Story:
“Capcom Classics Collection brings together the games that set the foundation of Capcom’s legacy in the video game industry,” said Todd Thorson, director of marketing, Capcom Entertainment. “We’re giving our fans something special with this comprehensive collection of well known franchises to unique, niche titles.”

Capcom Classics Collection takes players back to the days of break dancing and waiting in endless arcade lines to see how long they can make their coveted quarter last. Spanning over 10 years of Capcom history, this anthology contains hundreds of hours of gameplay with treasured favorites including the WWII-style plane assault of ‘1942’, defeating Metro City street gangs in ‘Final Fight’, rescuing Princess Guinevere against zombies and demons in “Ghosts ‘n Goblins’, the unforgettable title ‘Commando’, plus 18 other classics that everyone grew up with! All of these titles can be played in either single or two player modes while experiencing a bountiful of bonus features such as remixed soundtracks, original art and playing tips, just to name a few.

Capcom Classics Collection includes the following features:
• Experience more than 20 groundbreaking and revolutionary games of their time on one disk
• Hundreds of hours of nostalgic gameplay
• Additional content – Enjoy a wealth of added features including original artwork, remixed music and playing tips



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