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  Wednesday, Sep 4, 2002 Report News | Archive | Top  
Battlefield 1942 MP Demo Patch v1.1
- Posted 10:44 PM By WaRMaN
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Battlefield multiplayer demo fans have been heard and alot of fixes have been made with the release of the v1.1 patch. If you have yet to play this demo, please put down your "nOOb magazine" and join in on the action which just happens to be the second most game played right now! Download the mp demo and v1.1 patch from our File Downloads area. Click Read More to see what was fixed in the demo.
Full Story:
-Improved server stability.
-Fixed bug that caused server to say it was full when it wasn't.
-Servers started from in-game now use settings from dedicated server
tool if those settings are not in the in-game Create Game front-end.
-LAN servers no longer report to Gamespy master server.
-Limiting the bandwidth now works from the dedicated server

-Fixed refresh rate locked to 60 hz in Win2k and XP machines. We're working on getting this fix for Win98 and ME machines, but we're waiting for dev support from Microsoft before we can proceed. To enable this on Win2k and XP machines do the following:
-Open the videodefault.con file found in Settings\VideoDefault.con
-Edit the line: renderer.allowAllRefreshRates # (where # can be replaced by 0 or 1)
-Changing this value to one will allow you to select the refresh rates from the
Options>Video section of the in-game frontend. NOTE: the game will default to 640x480.
-Fixed bug that caused ammo-boxes and health-cabinets to not work occasionally.
-Considerably faster internent in-game browser.
-Added icon in the in-game browser for dedicated servers.
-Added icon in the in-game browser for password protected servers.
-Added icon in the in-game browser showing server CPU status, if it's doing well or if it's bogged down by too many players for it's capacity (this is dependant upon the CPU not the bandwidth).
-Added server CPU info in the in-game browser under the server info>rules tab.
-Chat text in-game has it's own color so it's easier to see.
-Server version number will show correctly in server info> rules tab
-Fixed some instances of the internet browser crashing when pressing yes to update to newer version on a 98 machine.
-Fixed player ability to sink Jeeps and Kubelwagens into the ground.
-Fixed free spectator camera does not turn off, even when unchecked in the server.


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