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  Tuesday, Apr 13, 2004 Report News | Archive | Top  
Attention WWII Gaming Fans
- Posted 10:46 PM By Anthos
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So, what do you get when you combine Ubisoft and Gearbox? Why, you get a game that will be "poised to revolutionize the WWII genre" come this holiday season (yeah, right?). We'll believe that when we see it. Anyway, this game promises to be the next evolution in squad-based military gaming. We all know what excellent track records both Gearbox and Ubisoft have, so I'm thinking we have a lot to which we can look forward. So, there's some good information to preview this game at the official website, as well as their press release from today. You've got to check out all the beautiful screenshots available at GameSpot and the official website (they're a bit different, so visit both links!!).

For additional information, click below to
Source: GameSpot
Full Story:
After teasing PC Gamers for weeks on its warstory.net Web site, Gearbox has finally revealed the official title of its upcoming World War II shooter. Though the name of its protagonist, Sgt. Matt Baker, led some to believe the game's moniker would be "Baker's Dozen," Gearbox went with the more militaristic (and focus-group friendly) Brothers in Arms. Gearbox also launched the new URL for the game, http://www.brothersinarmsgame.com.

Besides learning its title, gamers also found out the identity of Brothers in Arms' publisher. Confirming many industry-watchers' suspicions, Ubisoft announced it is entering the crowded WWII shooter genre with the game, which it already plans to turn into a series. "Ubisoft today reinforces its strategy to dominate the wargames market by announcing a long-term deal with award-winning developer Gearbox Software to publish a new military franchise," said the publisher in a press release.

Between marketing bellicosity and corporate saber-rattling, Ubisoft's release also revealed some information about Brothers in Arms' story. While other games feature historical battles, Gearbox is touting the fact that its shooter will follow characters based on individual, real-life soldiers. Players will strap on the boots of Baker, the leader of a nine-man squad of American paratroopers similar to those portrayed in the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers (which was itself drawn from the late historian Stephen Ambrose's nonfiction best-seller). The game's maps will be based on eyewitness accounts, aerial reconnaissance images, and US Army Signal Corps photos. One of the screenshots featured overlays a grainy black-and-white photo of a French country house with the game's re-creation of it.

As far as Brothers in Arms' gameplay is concerned, Ubisoft and Gearbox would only say that it is based on a "breakthrough squad-based combat mechanism" and will contain "unprecedented realism." However, the two companies did drop two very important details. First, the game will be released for both PCs and consoles. And second, it will march off to stores "starting winter 2004."


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