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  Wednesday, Apr 28, 2004 Report News | Archive | Top  
Yet Another Next Big Thing
- Posted 9:55 AM By KCShadowDragon
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I am sad to report that the Wonder Company needs to find a new line. Yes, it seems sliced bread needs to move on because now there's Blu. Blu-ray to be specific. Developed by the Blu-ray Disc Founders (BDF) this new technology is ready to cut its chunk out of the digital storage market. OK, ok, ok... so what is Blu-ray? Well it's a replacement for current DVD technology that uses a blue laser instead of the current red. For the full story, click below.
Full Story:
The blue-violet laser has a shorter wavelength, 405nm, which means more info on the same sized disc. Current development allows for 27GB on a single layer disc, 54GB on dual layer disks. Comparatively, as I'm sure many of you know DVD allows for 4.7GB single, 9.4 dual-layer.

So, "Why Blu-ray?" is the question. Currently they are targeting the HDTV crowd. For the 27GB you get just over 2 hours of high definition programming, or 13 hours of standard programming. Sony has already released a console recorder in the Japan market. Retailing for roughly $3800 this particular unit is looking to grab the digital crowd. These units are definitely looking to target the true videophiles.

But this is a gaming site; what do we care about this? Well HP and Dell have signed on to further this technology. So Blu-ray may be coming to a computer near you. I doubt its anytime soon, however.

There is a lot of hype surrounding this technology, at the moment. For example, Toppan and Sony have developed a 25GB disc comprised mostly of paper. In the words of Hideaki Kawai, Managing Director, Head of Corporate R&D Division, TOPPAN CO., LTD "Using printing technology on paper allows a high level of artistic label printing on the optical disc. Since a paper disc can be cut by scissors easily, it is simple to preserve data security when disposing of the disc". In the words of Jason Krivjansky, MwGL Member, Random Poster of News Yeah and?

I guess at this point Im not really impressed. Maybe its because Ive learned not to buy into hype. I remember the last time Sony worked to create a replacement to current technology. For those who may not know, it was called Betamax. In hindsight, Im glad I couldnt afford it back then. Now another high price tag, another replacement for current technologies, I think Im going to wait this one out.

For more info:


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