Quake3 Goes Paintball

Posters Name: Kagato
Posters Email: kagato@mwgl.org
Subject: Quake3 Goes Paintball

For those wanting some change to their daily Quake3 frag-fests, Beta 1.0 of the Quake 3 Paintball mod has been released. Weighing in at nearly 70MB, it is supposed to be compatible with Quake3 up through v1.29h release. Here's a snip:

Initially, we are going to release the beta with the conventional run-and-pickup system. This means that you will run around the map, and pick up items and guns to use for that specific round. This was the system used in Q2DP. We are using this as our primary system to save coding time and to get something out to you guys who have been waiting for so long.

However, eventually we are going to offer a more realistic type of gameplay. The plan is going to be that you earn money from eliminating a team, or tagging an opponent. With which you can purchase guns, grenades, hoppers, and all the other necessary equipment that you would need to play in real life. This system will be similar to the one used in Counter-Strike for those of you who are familiar with it. Eventually, we are going to implement a system where you go to a sort of "Buy Station" or Hut in the map where you get a HUD to buy items, guns, camo, and anything else we can come up with!

As it stands now, you will only be able to carry one grenade, being a paint grenade or smoke, but not both at the same time. You also can carry only one gun at a time, and one hopper and barrel on your gun. Currently, the plan for the beta is you must pick up paint to supply your gun, then load it when you run out. Eventually, you will have to buy a pod, and carry only one pod with you on the field, which will supply you your extra ammo for the whole round, so shoot selectively! No more spray and pray to those of you who support it. This is also going to be implemented to slow down rounds and make the game more enjoyable. Not like HLPB... no offense...

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