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For those who missed it, Nvidia released their Detonator4/XP driver (ver 21.81) on Monday. There's multiple reviews posted for your viewing over at Guru3D, Rivastation, and IPKonfig. To sum it all up:

Some improvement is noticeable. What I like about the Det XP (4's) is the fact they are supportive under Windows XP and Windows 2000. For those running Windows 98SE/ME will see the largest improvements by far. When I say supportive, I mean something that takes advantage of the OS for better performance...

It's rather shocking to see a whole new 'set' of Detonator drivers released by nVidia pertaining to increase by 50%. That is a huge jump from all of their previous drivers released. It's also nice to see nVidia releasing these new drivers way ahead of the release of Windows XP, so for those who might or will be upgrading will be able to rest easy.

While there is not much of a jump in performance under Windows XP, as you can see, it's still worth the driver upgrade.

Those running Windows 98x/ME will see a large improvement with the GeForce3 video cards.
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