Thanks to the MWGL Community

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Subject: Thanks to the MWGL Community

Your words of support and encouragement are very timely and appreciated! Most of our clan members, to include me, have been putting away 14+ hour days trying to evaluate this tragic event. MajOverKill, RedX, and Sniper101 have been grinding the stone hard, and I am personnaly proud of their dedicated work, and the fact that after working 14+ hour days, they all volunteered to stay longer to give rest to others. Raven is in our thoughts as he is deployed in Saudi as we speak, and that situation is far more complex than we can imagine right now.

Although we are still stunned by the events on Tuesday, and are still worried about the future, I ask all of you to regain your confidence. Continue to do what makes you be who you are in life. The last thing to do right now is sulk and worry. This is what the terrorist want from you. They are counting on all of us to be weak right now, when that is far from the truth. Stand up; feel proud to be an american; and do what you can to keep us the strongest nation in the world. Thanks again to Squirre1 and the many others of the MWGL community! GOD BLESS

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