Operation Flashpoint Upgrade 2

Posters Name: WaRMaN
Posters Email: warman@mwgl.org
Subject: Operation Flashpoint Upgrade 2

Flashpoint 2 support seems to be srong as this title grows with a new upgrade. The physics and reality of this game has taken me by surprise. The standard has been set. Future games, in my opinion, will grow from their design. Better jump in now and get your practice for this game and future titles to come.

Download the 38 MB file, and enjoy these new features:

* Dedicated Server support
* AH64 Helicopter (new vehicle)
* CH-47 Chinook US Transport Helicopter (New vehicle)
* M998 HMMWV (New off-road vehicle)
* Multiplayer mission - 2-12 Sector Control (team based)
* Multiplayer mission - 1-6 lost squad (Co-operative)
* Multiplayer mission - 3-9 Return to Eden (Co-operative)
* Peripheral - General programmable joystick: improved compatibility
* Peripheral - General programmable game pad: improved compatibility
* Peripheral - Force feedback joystick improved: compatibility
* Multiplayer Features - mission creation wizard with templates

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