Dell Adds GeForce2 GTS To PC Line-up

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Subject: Dell Adds GeForce2 GTS To PC Line-up

Ok, so most of you probably built your own custom box, but there are those who buy OEM (not that they would admit it). Well, there's good news for those planning on buying a Dell as they have announced that the Dimension 8200 line of PCs will now carry the GeForce2 GTS. Sure, it's no GeForce3, but for the price it ain't a bad deal. Here's their little blurb on the deal:

The Dimension 8200 -- powered by Intel Pentium(R) 4 processors with speeds up to 2GHz, Rambus RDRAM, the latest in graphics cards and other peripherals such as a 100GB hard disk drive -- delivers the necessary performance to effortlessly run video editing applications, 3D games, and various other high-end entertainment and business applications.
No more laughing at the kid next door who's parents bought a Dell, it probably spanks yours!

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