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A new game is being developed by 7fx and published by Singularity Software. GameSpyDaily has conducted an interview Project Manager, Pavel Sinagl. Here's the answer to the first question most people will be asking:

Team Factor is a 'tac-shooter' action FPS set in the environment of 'shadow' military operations. The main features of the game are 3 teams competing with each other, 4 different specialization classes within the team, RPG element for developing the players character, more than 45 different realistically reproduced weapons, a challenging mission design and top-class graphics (not only by multiplayer games standards).
Looks like a game to keep an eye on. The four class will be: Soldier, Specialist, Scout, and Sniper. The multiplayer is also going to support up to sixty players, so LAN gaming should be fun! Make sure to also visit the website for screenshots, armory information, and other goodies.

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