New Roger Wilco

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Subject: New Roger Wilco

Now available for all of you who like to be able to communicate with your teammates in multiplayer games is a new version of Roger Wilco. Click on read more for a list of changes. Go here to download.
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Integrated Channel Browser
You no longer need rely on swapping IP addresses by ICQ or e-mail! We've added a built-in channel browser that displays a list of ALL channels currently running. (Of course, you can hide your channel from the public list if you'd like!)

You'll never have to search for the latest version again! We'll prompt you to upgrade and give you a list of servers you can download from.

New Base Station tab
This release features a new Base Station tab, that allows you to launch a dedicated Roger Wilco Base Station. Previously, the Base Station was only available as a separate download and launched via clumsy DOS command line parameters. Yuck!

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