Serious Sam : The Second Encounter

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Subject: Serious Sam : The Second Encounter

Fans of Serious Sam rejoice! GodGames and Croteam have sent out an officicial press release reguarding Serious Sam: The Second Encounter, the follow-up to their smash hit Serious Sam. As mentioned, the game should be available sometime November, 2001 and sell for around $19.99. Here's the snip:

The Story Having successfully defeated the Mental forces in ancient Egypt, Sam "Serious" Stone seizes an abandoned spacecraft. On course in his crusade to finally assassinate the great evil Mental, our hero's spaceship suddenly tumbles into the South American Mountains - Sam seems destined to stay on Earth. He must fight the tougher, now more experienced members of Mental's destructive forces and find a new way to reach the notorious Mental himself.

"Serious Sam: The Second Encounter" offers numerous multiplayer options including the highly acclaimed "Serious Warped Deathmatch" MOD (Version 3) created by A Few Screws Loose. Players can join forces against the swarm of enemies in cooperative play through all single-player levels, an option rarely delivered in the first-person shooter genre. Players may utilize the multiplayer option via LAN and Internet for up to 16 players in six different multiplay modes and over 20 multiplayer maps. Plus exclusive split screen support on a single computer for up to four players.
Mmmmm mmmmm goodness!

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