Intel's i845 Chipset SDRAM Compatable

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Subject: Intel's i845 Chipset SDRAM Compatable

Yes, Intel's Pentium 4 series motherboards now give you the option of the i845 chipset. This means you can use SDRAM with said chipset. Before, with the i850 chipset, your only option was RAMBUS (RDRAM).

The idea of the i845 chipset was to lower the price of the P4 system which was hurting Intel sales. This was a smart move by Intel, but now the going rate for 128 MB of RDRAM is $35-$40. This is a significantly lower price, but PC133 DIMMS are selling for $7-$10. Is this really a savings the public wants?

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RDRAM is at speeds of 800MHz, while PC133 is at 133MHz. The performance vs price in this situation is not that significant. Intel should look to supporting higher PCRAM and DDR if they are serious about competing with AMD for the affordable PC.

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