Infected DSL Users Get Axed

Posters Name: Kagato
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Subject: Infected DSL Users Get Axed

Here's a report more broadband providers should take a look at and implement across their system. Basically, several DSL providers are sick of the propagation of viruses such as Code Red and Nimda and are blocking access to any of their custoemrs who are infected with it until it is removed from their machine. Here's a snip:

Speakeasy's e-mail to its customers read, in part: "Over the last three months, we have been battling it out with the Code Red worm. Just as we were beginning to believe the worst was behind us, we have now learned that there is yet another hostile bit of rogue data coursing its way around the Internet. The affects of this worm are detrimental to all ... after 9/23/01, Speakeasy's Abuse Team will be freezing the DSL circuit hooked to any machine infected with the worm.
Now if only RoadRunner (AOL/TimeWarner) and other providers would implement the same policy, I'm tired of getting hits all day long from this blasted thing.

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