XBox Technology Overview

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Subject: XBox Technology Overview

The folks over at Firing Squad have posted a 15 page (yikes!)Xbox technology overview exploring Microsoft's (I am above the law!) upcoming next-gen console system. Here's a snip:

For PC gamers like all of us at FiringSquad, the attraction of Xbox is… you guessed it: money. Seriously. The easy explanation is that the Xbox is $300 and yet it includes a DX8 graphics chip that's actually more feature-rich than the GeForce3 -you might even think of it as a GeForce4 MX. Buying the Xbox is like paying for a graphics card and getting a motherboard, a 733MHz Intel CPU, 64MB of DDR RAM, a 10GB hard drive, a high-end Dolby Digital compatible sound card, a DVD-ROM, a network card, and a fancy gamepad, all for free. Let's not forget about the case and powersupply either. Even if you had to add the price of an Xbox™ keyboard, Xbox™ mouse, and Xbox™ VGA adapter, you'd still have a dirt-cheap gaming setup. Many gamers have yearned for a low-cost DirectX8 graphics chip - the Xbox is it.
I suppose that's one way to look at it, I see it as a cheaper way to get Blue Screens.
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