Dark Age Of Camelot Interview

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Subject: Dark Age Of Camelot Interview

Well, now that many are sitting idly on their hands waiting for October 9th, the day Dark Age of Camelot goes live, many are left wandering with nothing to do. So what does one do? Why have an interview with Mythic producer Matt Friorwho chats it up a bit about their upcoming massively multiplayer role playing game. Snip:

Camelot takes place in 3 distinct realms. Each of these Realms can wage war against each other forming the player vs player or "PVP" element of Camelot. What considerations have been given to those people who don't want to engage in struggles versus real opponents (i.e. other players)?

There's plenty of "PvE" (player vs. environment) gameplay in Dark Age of Camelot. Players that do not want to participate in Realm vs. Realm combat have a huge world to explore, that fully supports playing up to high levels. There are dungeons to explore, high-level monsters to kill (some that require lots of team strategy) and many other things to do.
Hmm, EQ or DAoC? I need more hours in the day to play these things!
Source: Ferrago (http://www.ferrago.co.uk)

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