Red Faction: Problem Child

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Subject: Red Faction: Problem Child

For those of you following the continuing saga of Red Faction's numerous problems, you are probably at a loss for words. Volition and THQ are keeping quiet, and gamers are trashing them all the way to what looks to be the end. I can only hope that there will be a patch to fix the multiple problems that linger in this potentially great game. The biggest problem to date is the choppiness in the game. Frame rates are just horrid for this title.

There are a few "fixes" that I have read/tried, and here they are:

  • Disable EAX sound - I don't like it either :(
  • Download the latest Detonator XP drivers for your GeForce2 card - Don't be confused by the "XP"
  • Disable antialiasing - may cause tearing, but saves FPS
  • Try lower resolutions and 16 bit color
  • I know these are big things in making a game play, sound, and look great; but it is hopefully only a temporary fix while we wait for a patch. Hope you get some help from this article.

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