Solaris 9 Out For Beta Testing

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Subject: Solaris 9 Out For Beta Testing

News definately for those who are into the whole *NIX alternative of operating systems. Sun is making available a beta release of it's upcoming Solaris 9 Operating System for testing. New updates to the system include:

  • Live Upgrade, which lets an administrator install the new operating system onto an unused portion of a storage system then reboot the server to the new version. If it doesn't work right, the administrator can boot back to the older version.

  • Detailed control over computing resources. The new Solaris improves how software processes can share CPUs. It also lets administrators monitor or change how resources are being used.

  • Support for the latest version 5 of the Kerberos authentication system.

  • The ability to write data or audio CDs.

  • The ability to install only a minimum set of Solaris features.
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