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Subject: Hot Dating - Sim Style

With the gradual progression of the "sim" gameline, you knew it'd come to this as some time in the future. The folks over at PC.IGN are taking you on a tour of The Sims: Hot Date. Here's a little snip about in-game hugs:

Instead of the basic hug, you can now choose from up to four different kinds of hugs depending on your mood. The basic hug is still here of course, but you can increase the passion of the hug by picking the intimate or romantic hug option. Then there's the option to leap into someone's arms. Sean showed us a demo of how this works by getting one character to leap into the arms of another: "If her hygiene is high enough, he'll accept it and both their moods goes up. However let's say her bladder is really low. He's got a new tickle he can do on her [the extreme tickle]. If the bladder's low enough on the other person, they'll wet their pants." Once she jumped back into his arms, he got the scent of it and threw her on the ground. Awesome.
At times I'm not sure who I should feel more sorry for, the folks who actually buy the game, or the ones that actually got paid to code it.
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