Soldier Of Fortune 2 Interview/Preview

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Subject: Soldier Of Fortune 2 Interview/Preview

SimHQ has posted a Soldier of Fortune 2 interview/preview of the upcoming gave from Raven Software. They cover gameplay aspects, the new GHOUL 2 rendering engine, and talk to Raven's Kenn Hoekstra. Here's a rather cool bit from the article:

The part of the GHOUL 2 system that allows for 36 separate hit zones on each character and per pixel hit detection offers some unique gameplay elements. Each of these hit zones will cause a different reaction when shot; shoot a person in the foot and they will react to this, get an arm and hurt the opponents ability to use it. On top of this, your hits are shown exactly where they enter so that you will know just how good of a shot you are. No more guessing where in the chest you scored your hit; just look and you will know. These types of gore will be adjustable for those who do not wish to see the virtual carnage and Raven has included parental locks so that they kids canít turn it back on while you are out.
Cool stuff for sure, just wish they had an expected release date for the tile.
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