EverQuest Credit Cards

Posters Name: Kagato
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Subject: EverQuest Credit Cards

No, it's not the newest line from MasterCard (though I'd certainly want one if it was). Verant has just issued gamecards for EverQuest that cost $29.95 which are good for three months of on-line playtime. You can pick them up at select retailers, or buy them online at the Station store (though I imagine you have to buy via credit card in this case, which is the point of buying the cards at stores, for those who do not have a credit card). Snip:

“We’re pleased to offer gamers a variety of options to experience the world of EverQuest,” states Don Vercelli, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Sony Online Entertainment. “With over 410,000 subscribers, EverQuest continues to offer the richest content available in the online gaming genre.”
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