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Ubisoft has posted an update on Pool of Radiance which is supposed to address some of the problems people have experienced with the product. Here's a whiff of what's new:

1) We've got a new Uninstall program which will be a very small download and will safely uninstall the game. It will go out to QA tonight and then be put through a battery of tests before we post it.

2) We've got a fix for the Install to any directory bug. Right now we're working on a good way to impliment it.

3) After collecting saves and information from QA on the Save Game crashes, we think we've found two different bugs and we're working on fixes for them.

4) Found a problem with the way the game interacts with DirectX. We think this is what's causing a variety of bugs with certain Video/Sound cards and Multiplay. An enterprising player/programmer has posted a quick fix for this problem (Thanks Ken!), and we'll have a comprehensive fix soon. I'll bump the post.

This is NOT a comprehensive list of what we're fixing, just an update on where we're at right now. More fixes will follow. We have two people dedicated to scanning this Forum and two people dedicated to scanning the Tech Support Forum to collect feedback and information.

Producer, Pool of Radiance
Not sure why anybody would want to uninstall this game in the first place, it rocks!

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