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Subject: CaptureStrike

The folks at Threewave are putting the finishing touches on a new CTF mod called CaptureStrike. The game will be a mixture of CTF, Rocket Arena, and Counter-Strike. It's release date is October 11th at 6pm central. Here is a sample of info/rules:

- Teams Take turns being Offense or Defense.
- The Goal of the Offensive team is to capture the enemy flag.
- The Goal of the Defensive team is to eliminate the enemy, prevent the enemy from touching your flag, prevent the enemy from capturing your flag.
- Each turn Lasts up to 2.5 minutes.
- Once you die you stay dead until the turn completes.
- At the conclusion of a turn the teams switch offense and defense to complete the round.
- 2 'Turns' make a 'Round'
- You spawn with an assortment of weapons and ammo, all for free!

Click here for the rest of the info/rules.

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