WinXP For Gamers?

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Subject: WinXP For Gamers?

With Windows XP due to be released soon, many gamers are wondering if they should upgraded to the new OS. Well, the folks over at GamePC have posted an article called Windows XP Professional: A Gamers Perspective. This 18 page article explores what XP can do for gamers, listing some benchmarks between the various OS's and discussing the differences with the new system. Here's a snip:

So, the question. Is it worth the upgrade? Windows 2000 users shouldn't feel the need to upgrade, unless the visuals or new features of the OS catch your fancy. In terms of performance and stability, XP and 2000 are very, very similar. For Win9X and ME users, you should seriously consider upgrading to XP, as the added stability of the 32-bit NT kernal is worth the money by itself. If you're in the market for a new PC, don't bother with a PC without XP, it's really that simple.
XP can only get better as the drivers are updated for full support.
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