Big EverQeust Changes Today

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Subject: Big EverQeust Changes Today

For those of you addicted to this game like me, you'll notice that the servers went down this morning for a 6 hour (we hope) update. There are some big changes coming today, mostly dealing with combat and the damage that classes deal. For a full update, read this report over at EverQuest Casters Realm. Here's a quote from Gordon Wrinn, Associate Producer for EQ, reguarding updates to two-handed weapons :

We are making changes to two-handed weapons to increase their damage output and desirability. As many of you know, two-handed weapons are not doing comparable damage to dual wielded single-handed weapons. This problem really manifests itself in the high end game. Before level 50, two-handed weapons perform fairly well. The following two-handed weapon change applies to characters level 51 and higher-

Two-handed weapons currently receive a damage bonus based on the delay of the weapon. Slower weapons swing less often, but hit harder when they connect. We have increased this damage bonus significantly over what it used to be. This increase in the damage bonus improves the damage potential of all existing two-handed weapons. Up through epic level weapons, the damage bonus alone makes two-handers a very viable choice for melee classes.
Apparently since us warriors are the basis for all other classes (damage output, etc.) we're not really getting much out of the updated =(.

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