Max Payne v1.02 Patch

Posters Name: Kagato
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Subject: Max Payne v1.02 Patch

Remedy has released a patch for Max Payne, bringing it to ver.1.02. Coming in at only 6.1MB, this patch is for the registered version of Max Payne. Fixes include:

  • The clock and other desktop icons are no longer randomly flashing during the game.
  • This patch also includes all the fixes that were in v1.01 of the patch. Those fixes included:
  • Exit to desktop stability issues addressed: The issues with the game crashing to Windows desktop when loading a new map have been addressed. Game doesn't start with some CD-ROM drives: A newer version of Safedisc copy protection is now in use.
  • For those that haven't beaten the game yet, be sure to grab the update to ensure your gaming experience is not darkened by a bug.

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