Dark Age of Camelot vs Other MMORPGs

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Subject: Dark Age of Camelot vs Other MMORPGs

In case you didn't know (or possibly care), Dark Age of Camelot went live today. As part of the roll-out, EBGames has posted an interview with Mythic Entertainment's Mark Jacobs, discussing the game and some of the things that make it different from others like EverQuest and Anarchy Online. Here's a snip:

Another great difference between our competition and us is what you have to do to make a level. All these games, whether theyíre skill-based games or class-based systems, all have in their heart leveling, and anyone who says otherwise really hasnít looked at any of these games. It doesnít matter if youíre bashing bunnies to go up to level 10 or your bashing bunnies to raise your sword skill up to 56 percent. Itís the exact same thing.

What we wanted to do is eliminate as much of the bashing bunnies as possible while still retaining the time it takes. Obviously, if you can go from level one to 50 in a week, thatís a bad thing. What we did was look at the quest system and also put in a task system, which would allow people to get up to 50 percent of their experience at any given level through non-bashing.
This is one thing I've always thought was missing from EverQuest, sure they have quests, but most aren't worth the time and effort. Not really sure if being able to get 50% of your level via quests is all that great of a thing either, you'll get people more insterested in quests than groups (phat lewt!).

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