Creature Isle - Day One

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Subject: Creature Isle - Day One

PC.IGN has posted day one of its Black and White Creature Isle coverage. In today's posting, they give some impressions on the game, screen shots, and of course movies.

Creature Isle (the Isle, not the game) features loads of creatures, several villages and no gods at all. Well, except for you that is. This means that you've got a little more breathing room. No longer will you have to compete with rival deities for influence. So what's the point? Well you've got a lot of tasks ahead of you. Apart from watching your creature raise a pet of his own, you've also got to help him hook up with a special lady creature for some breeding. But that's not what we're focusing on today. Instead, we thought we'd outline a few of the new quests in the game and talk a little bit about the creatures.
Hmmm, "special lady creature" eh? Put on some Barry White and turn the lights down.
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