Brad McQuaid leaves Verant

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Subject: Brad McQuaid leaves Verant

News for those who play EverQuest. Verant has announced that Brad McQuaid, the Chief Creative Officer and co-founder of EverQuest has left Verant Interactive after five years of service. John Smedley will be taking over his responsibilities.

"After five years of building the EverQuest franchise for Sony Online Entertainment, it's time for me to explore other opportunities in the creative development of massively multiplayer games," said Brad McQuaid. "I wish SOE the greatest success with all future releases and I have the greatest confidence in the ability of the development staff that we've assembled over the past few years to continue expanding the EverQuest experience."

"Brad's contribution to gaming philosophy that evolved into EverQuest has been recognized throughout the gaming world as one of the premier accomplishments of the past decade in the business," states John Smedley, Chief Operating Officer, Sony Online Entertainment. "It's been a pleasure working with Brad for the past few years as a colleague and a friend and I'm certain that he will continue to contribute innovative and exciting game technology in the future."

"Brad's passion for excellence in all things EverQuest has made a material impact in the success of this groundbreaking title," said Kelly Flock, President, Sony Online Entertainment. "I know he will continue to be a force in this emerging market and all of us at Sony Online Entertainment look forward to the possibility of working with him again in the future."
No news on who or where Brad is heading at this time.

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