Microsoft Good for Gamers?

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Subject: Microsoft Good for Gamers?

Firing Squad has a new article called Microsoft: Good for gamers?. As you may gave already guessed, they discuss some of the pros/cons of having a such a monopoly as Microsoft competing in the entertainment software industry. Here's a snip:

Halo, for example, is now one hot potato. It was slated for release on the Mac and the PC, but Microsoft bought Bungie and it may now become an XBox exclusive. It looks like they will be locking up titles to be produced exclusively on the XBox, which means the PC is likely to be left out of some of the best releases out there. I've been dying to see a good fighting game over on the PC for years, but it looks like DOA3 (Dead or Alive 3) will be another XBox exclusive. Given that the XBox is so similar to a PC, why can't they be big about it and port it on over to the PC so we can kick some tail over here? Why lock up Abe so he can only run his Odyssey over there on the XBox when he grew up over here on a trusty 17" monitor? I know the answer, but still, it's sad for the PC.
I personally had high hopes for Halo, but since MS decided to hose the average PC player by snapping the title up and forcing us to wait until they got the XBox out instead of releasing a PC version first, I could care less about the title.

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